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The Outdoor World of Central Texas

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There is no doubt that Austin is known for its lively and diverse culture,  unique food, and live music. However, it would be a shame to overlook the beautiful scenery in and surrounding the Austin area. Many people think living in Central Texas means you’re cut off from large bodies of water unless you’re willing to drive 4+ hours to the Gulf of Mexico. Or maybe they picture tumbleweeds and dry dirt because of our hot summers and mild winters. 

In reality, both of these scenarios could not be further from the truth! From lakes to hiking trails, swimming holes to zip lining, and rivers to parks, Austin has it all right at your fingertips! Take a step into the great outdoors of Central Texas by exploring these five nature hotspots. 

Lady Bird Lake

Located right through downtown along the Colorado River, Lady Bird Lake is an Austin staple for both locals and visitors. The lake is a hub for kayakers, hikers, dog walkers, and cyclists, making it a space where people from all over the city can come to experience the community. Surrounded by a 10-mile hike-and-bike trail, Lady Bird Lake offers endless opportunities to be active, connect with friends and family, and see the city from a beautiful and unique vantage point. 

McKinney Falls State Park 

McKinney Falls is the ideal weekend getaway for adventure seekers of all ages. Knowing that it sits less than 10 miles outside of downtown Austin makes its jaw dropping waterfalls, hiking trails, and scenic campsites even more impressive. Whether you are looking for a family outing or a friend trip, McKinney Falls’ variety of offerings cater to a wide range of visitors, such as their youth campaign area.

Barton Springs Pool 

As one of Austin’s main attractions, Barton Springs opens itself up to hundreds of people each day to enjoy its cool, fresh water. The pool is filled entirely by local spring water and is surrounded by grassy hills that make for the perfect reading spot. The next time you are looking for a place to cool down amidst the Texas heat, Barton Springs should be at the top of your list! 

Zilker Park 

Zilker Park is home to friends playing frisbee, couples picnicking, and dogs wagging their tails. With a picture-perfect view of the Austin skyline, Zilker is a desirable meetup spot for those of all ages. Zilker Park is also recognized for hosting the widely known Austin City Limits music festival each year. Located at the heart of the city, this park is one that is bound to make you fall even more in love with Austin. 

The Dochen Team — Experts in All Things ATX

There is never a wrong time to step out and explore the great nature that Austin has to offer. However you are looking to get outside, Austin has a park, trail, or lake for you! Experience all the nature Austin has to offer and more by making this city your new home. Contact Dochen REALTORS® today and find your dream house.

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