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5 Reasons Why You Should Make the Move to Austin

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The city of Austin and its surrounding areas have seen a steady population growth curve since 2000, with an increase of 37.3% between 2000-2010 and a 33.7% increase between 2010-2020. Not to mention, Austin was voted the best city to live in the U.S. in 2020! There’s no question in the heart of every Austinite that Austin is the place to be, but not very often do we pose the question to ourselves – what are the exact reasons why we moved here?

Though every individual is unique in their interests, motivations, and passions, it seems that they can all somehow find their niche in our beautiful city. Keep reading to explore just a few of the reasons why Austin seems to be all the buzz lately.

Great Jobs at Big Companies

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Austin, Texas is a city of industry, with companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Oracle, and Tesla setting up shop in or around the Austin area. Not only does this create a wealth of opportunities for newcomers to find their place at a world renown company, it makes for a job market that is competitive in nature and champions personal and professional growth.

As for the job market in general, Austin provides equal opportunities for those looking to work for a large, Fortune 500 company, or kick start their career at one of Austin’s many startups. And who knows – maybe your startup will turn into the next big thing! The proof lies in companies such as Indeed, Airbnb, and Bumble.

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No State Income Tax

Piggybacking off of the job market point, the state of Texas does not have a state income tax, which means more of your income can go to things you actually want to do – some of which may be mentioned later on in this article. Start planning and making lists; there’s a lot to explore and discover in our beautiful city. And with the lack of a state income tax, you will have the ability to actually do so!

The Culture of the Music City

There’s a reason Austin has been dubbed the “Live Music Capital of the World”. The combination of classic tunes and new sounds, accompanied by beautiful venues and yearly events for music lovers means there is never a lack of shows and artists for Austinites to discover.

If music festivals are your scene, we’ve got plenty! Austin City Limits, South by Southwest, the Austin Area Jazz Festival, and much more! No matter your preferred genre, Austin has an event that you will be marking your calendars for!

As for venues and other concerts, you’re in luck! Austin boasts hundreds of concert venues, ranging from large amphitheaters and arenas, to more intimate venues for quieter local shows. Plus, Austin’s position as the state capital means that if your favorite artist is ever on tour, there’s a high chance they’ll make a stop to come see you.

The Sights, Outdoor Spaces, & Weather

Though Austin is often seen as a booming metropolis, the true beauty of the city is in the combination of soaring high rises juxtaposed with lush, green forests and crystal clear lakes and rivers. There’s no shortage of hiking and biking trails, lakes to paddle board, boat, or just chill in, and gardens and parks galore! Some of our favorites include:

Zilker Park – hosts renowned music festival Austin City Limits every year; and on the rest of the weekends, makes for a great spot to hang out in a hammock or play some sports with friends

Lady Bird Lake – stretches across downtown, creating breathtaking views at sunset and sunup

Lake Travis – a mere 45 minute drive from downtown, making for the ideal weekend getaway

Barton Creek Greenbelt – stretches almost 13 miles, with a plethora of trails and waterfalls

Umlauf Sculpture Garden – for art lovers, the Umlauf Sculpture Garden is the perfect way to experience the natural beauty of the Austin outdoors while appreciating art

Plus, Austin’s weather allows for more time to explore the outdoors, as the city is part of a humid subtropical climate. Long, hotter summers are followed by short, mild winters, and with the shade of acres upon acres of trees surrounding you, every day is a beautiful day to get out there and make your own adventure!

The Food

For all of the foodies out there, don’t you worry! Austin’s food scene does not disappoint. Aside from the many (now national) eateries that call Austin their home, there are plenty of opportunities to find a dive that can be “your little secret”.

For locals, a favorite meal is a couple of delicious tacos and a good, strong margarita. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, come on down! Frankly, we’re surprised you don’t live here already.

The Pet-Friendliness

With the heavy focus on outdoor activities and exploration, it’s no surprise that Austin consistently ranks in the top 20 most pet friendly cities in the US, coming in at 15th in 2021. Austin also has the third most dog-friendly restaurants per capita, with most establishments allowing dogs on patios and even providing water for your little furry friends.

Picture it. You’re sitting on a patio with your beloved pup, margarita in hand, tacos on your plate, with the peace of mind that the establishment you’re patronizing will provide your companion with anything they may need during your meal. Most restaurants and outdoor bars provide water bowls and fill-up stations, and some even hand out free treats – so your dog can explore the Austin food scene just as easily as you!

Austin: Welcoming, Inviting, Exciting

We could go on and on about all of the reasons why we love our wonderful city, but looking at the population growth charts lets us know that most people don’t need too much convincing in order to decide to make the move. Austin has something for everyone, and Dochen REALTORS® can help you find a roof over your head so you can experience the city with amazing accommodations.

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