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Dochen Realty provides free home review + staging services

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Start Your Year Right: Get Ahead for a Successful Spring Market. The real estate market typically gains momentum in March, April and May. The key to success is a January head start.
Whether you’re buying or selling, an early start lets you strategize, declutter, make necessary repairs, and stay ahead of the competition.
1. The first step is a home review. You’ll love this service. We’ll walk around your home’s inside and outside to offer advice about needed repairs. This not only keeps your home value high, but it also helps maintain your house. You’ll end up with fewer emergencies and a shorter “to-do list” once you decide to sell.
2. The second step is staging your home. Our complimentary staging services are a hit with clients who are preparing their homes for the market. We’ll help you declutter and offer advice to make your property look its best. Did you know that staged homes sell faster and for a higher price?
Call us at Dochen Realty Group (512-345-2227) for guidance and personalized advice.
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